Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yay! The Knitting on Our Lapghan is COMPLETE!

Alert the media!

This morning, I finally finished all the knitting on our lapghan, and finished weaving in all the ends as well. :)

As you know, I had to cut our lapghan in half recently, to do some work on parts that were drawing in too much on the sides of the lapghan.

Early this morning, I got the two halves, and used kitchener stitch to put them together. They look great!
Kitchener Stitching Back Together

Now, our lapghan looks AMAZING!!! All I have left to do is to add a crochet border, then we can give it to charity. YAY!!!

Here is the lapghan, laid out on the back of my little Mazda Protege.
Knitting Complete

Knitting Complete Angle

And here are each of the three sections, with details on who knit them:

Top Section

The beige & green at the top was cast on and knit by me (Shandeh) in North Carolina, back in August of 2007.

The purple section was knit by Ladybug Lady in Ohio.

The multi-colored section was knit by debinoz in Kansas.

The tan, pink and green section was knit by Renoah in Michigan.

The green section was knit by Foxyie in Pennsylvania.

Middle Section

The white section was knit by suziehomemaker in New York.

The beige section was knit by gmmarton in Connecticut.

The rose section was knit by Tobinknit in Washington State.

The variegated section was knit by PeattieWa in Washington State.

The tan section was knit by jjminarcik in Texas.

The red section was knit by Secksiebrat in Texas.

The dark blue section was knit by Jeremy in Connecticut.

Last Section

The beige section was knit by losnana in Virginia.

The purple section was knit by misha rf in North Carolina.

The rest of the lapghan (5 sections) was knit by me (Shandeh) in North Carolina.

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Amy said...

WOOHOOOO! Congratulations Sandy and all of the knitters on this afghan! It looks great!

Oddball Charity Lapghan Map

Oddball Charity Lapghan Map